Monday, January 26, 2015

UPOU MIS IS 201 (2014) Tech Talk Videos

IS 201's course title is Computer Ethics. It deals with ethical issues confronting computer professionals.

In one of the activities of this course, we were required to make a 3-8 minute speech advocating an ethical issue, and upload it to YouTube.

At the time of posting, IS 201 has concluded and Sir GGR has already submitted grades for the course.

Here are the links to the Tech Talk videos made by me and some of my classmates. Hopefully some of you can use these videos in your IT ethical advocacy.

I do not guarantee that these links won't be dead, and all rights are reserved by the content creators.

May Joanne Moreno
Cary Brian Santos
Jhanine De Jesus
Chastine Grace Guy-Uyco
Rolbe Kass Miranda
Wilma Bullo
Marc Joseph Ian II Generoso
Alexis Sarah Lynn Acosta
Harvey Colasino
Windell Frederick Rebong
Ruth Erica Carpio
Gemo Ian Perdido
Juan Paolo Laluz
Roderick Makil
Chuck Stuart Sotto
Hershe Abellana
Roseale Sotto
Esperanza Honrales
Micah Ramirez
Aldrich Allen Barcenas
Marie Karen Enrile
Michael John Del Mundo
Luigi Felix Dollosa
Ludivina Marie Ranchez
Romualdo Bautista Jr.
Rjay Ganuelas
Carl Dwight Demetria
Emil Laurence Pastor
Erica Yamashita
Jovelyn Sereño
Kevin Irish Antonio
Venice Sydney Flores
Edward Russel Gutierrez
Sandino Umengan
Joanna Rose Del Mar
Shirley Santiago
Robin Percival Vibar
Rex De Villa
Emil Hailey Galang
Maylette Cabriga
Marlon Franco
Bob James Coran
Leah Gean Diopenes
Gulshan Vasson
Paul Tubieron
Ramil Matira
Jaeius Reyeldon Lapitan
Josie Estadilla
Martin Leandro Albaña
Jason Nesus
Brix Fernando
Joshua Corcega
Krizza Martinez
Armacheska Mesa
Mar Christian Herrera
Jowelle Pinlac
Algio John Berido
Ericson Billedo
Merlie Ofiaza
Cinmayii Manliguez
Raquel Rosales
Dexter Dancel
Abdalrahman Alboji
Jonel Uy
Efren Duran
Katrina Acoba
Lovella Marie Tan
Jack Elendil Lagare
Erikson Taeza
Rogie Eloise Abala
Jon Henly Santillan
Garry Jerios
Romer Ian Pasoc
Ranel Viana
Braymon Ramirez
Mark Reuel Cabal
Masasi Arai
Lucilyn Olavidez
Ramises Von Salanatin
Jan Luke Patrick Go
Dennis Ignacio
Kiara Rina Pelenio

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