Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Second my|phone A919i Duo Custom ROM

Carlshark's A919i JB 4.2.1 ROM #2
Dev-Host - recommended
I apologize for the links, Dev-Host gives up while using my limited connection.
Again this ROM is close to stock, with some modifications :-)

  • From latest 4.2.1 ROM and kernel supplied by my|phone
  • Prerooted, with unsecure kernel and SuperSU
  • Deodexed
  • Support for init.d
  • build.prop tweaks
  • Nova Launcher
  • Deleted bloatware
  • Installs to External SD by default (modified vold.fstab) - microSD is now Phone Storage
  • Xperia JB bootanimation.zip
  • 950iosettings + 875mntsettings + 925vmsettings init.d scripts from Franco's Dev Team
  • PureAudio Engine 1.0 by Jeeko
  • Mobile Bravia Engine 2

  • Must have CWM/TWRP installed
  • Save ROM in main folder of your microSD card
  • Reboot to CWM (hold vol up + vol down buttons while turning on)
  • Backup your old ROM via CWM in case anything goes wrong or you don't like it
  • Format /system through the "mounts and storage" choice
  • Select "wipe data/factory reset"
  • Select "wipe cache partition"
  • Select "install zip from sdcard"
  • Choose the ROM and install
  • Enjoy

  • No more launcher redraws so far - combination of the new launcher and the init.d scripts
  • Noticeably clearer and louder sound output through headphones, equalizer works properly, in-call volume improvements too
  • More free RAM than the first version (550-680MB use compared to 720-850MB previously - this is based on my personal use) and RAM can be reclaimed more easily with an external program or script/task killer
  • Some improvement in responsiveness especially in task switching
  • I don't claim complete ownership of everything done here, credits for individual parts from numerous XDA and FB posts
  • Please report any bugs
Feedback from Symbianize
Additional note:

According to symphonyx7's excellent review,  
It should be noted that the MyPhone A919i is also known as the Micromax A116 Canvas HD in India. It is also known as the Wiko Cink Five in France, Fly IQ451 Quattro Vista in Russia, and Mobistel Cynus T5 in Germany. The OEM device of these phones is the Beidou Chi K Shallot/Scallion/Onion. The name approximately translates to "onion" as the OEM device does not have an English name. 
You can try this ROM too but I do not guarantee anything, just make sure you have a CWM backup in case something happens.


Mark John said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark John said...

tnx tnx iDOL...will give it a test!

Jun said...

upgrading 8megapixel to 12megapixel also included here?

Jun said...

is the upgrade also include the 8mp to 12mp of cam? thanks.

shark said...

I didn't include it, haven't seen where it is...

msvp said...

wala po ba bugs sa battery frm 30-12%?

msvp said...

wala po ba bug sa battery frm 30-12%?

shark said...

@msvp I haven't experienced that. But I do hear more rapid drops once battery reaches 30%. Not as drastic as what you are experiencing though.

nairdaluap said...

boss me naeexperience po ako na mnsan nammtay nlng yung cp. kelngan pa diin power button para mbuhay ulit or alsn ang batt. pero mnsan lng nmn xa at smooth po rom. yun lng tlga nging prob ko sa rom na to

shark said...

I experience it too with the original ROM. It sometimes is a problem with the ambient light sensor. The screen turns off and it takes some manipulation (e.g. USB charging/incoming call) to have it turn back on. The cellphone does not actually turn off, the screen just does not wake up when it is supposed to.

Writemaster said...

Salamat dito sa ROM mo Sir Carl. "The best" ito, buti na lang nabasa ko ito sa isang forum. Sir Carl puwedeng request, puwede kayang ibang boot logo at animation na lang in place of xperia, yung bang parang pinoy-na pinoy ang dating. Salamat po.

shark said...


Go to /system/media using a File Explorer like Root Explorer and replace the bootanimation.zip with either the default one or anything that you like. Thank you for the compliment, the ROM is good enough for me to use as a daily driver.

Writemaster said...


Maraming salamat po ulit. Naibalik ko na rin po sa default animation.

Writemaster said...

@idol Carl

Maraming salamat po ulit. Ok na po,naibalik ko na po sa default.

jaypee buenaflor said...

sir pwedeng gumawa kyo rn ng rom na parang stock rom rn pero ganun ang kadami ng free ram nya.... pero ok rn to sir

shark said...

But this *is* stock, with some bloatware removed and some tweaks added. And an additional launcher. I don't think I can make it more stock than it already is.

Val Enriquez said...

Sir ilan fps nito ??