Saturday, June 08, 2013

My my|phone A919i Duo Custom ROM

Carl's MP A919i Duo 4.2.1 ROM w/ Xperia

Stable and close to stock as possible - with Xperia based apps and launcher.

* From latest 4.2.1 ROM and kernel supplied by my|phone
* Deodexed
* Zipaligned
* Pre-rooted with SuperSU, kernel property
* my|phone apps removed, Koi wallpaper removed for space
* Xperia Launcher 2.0.5b by ra3al included, along with Clocks, Weather and Walkman widgets
* Xperia Z WALKMAN/ClearAudio+/Movies/Album & Bravia Engine 2 ported by Rizal Lovins included (Edit music info option is disabled for compatibility)

I don't claim complete ownership of everything done here, I just wanted to share what I have put together. It still allows for some customization. Please report any bugs.

I am a very satisfied user of Xperia phones. For those few who know me, I have used the ports from XDA to replicate my Xperia experience on the Cherry Mobile Candy TV, the Cherry Mobile Flare, and now the my|phone A919i Duo.

Thanks also to dsixda's Android Kitchen - using it made re-signing the ROM easy.

BE2 comparison

The Mobile Bravia Engine's post-processing is evident on the Album and Movies apps. Here are screenshots of the same movie using MXPlayer and the Xperia Movies app, running on the same ROM. There is an evident difference and you might have strong opinions for or against it.

MXPlayer. BE2 is off.

Movies app. BE2 is on. Depending on the user, the color adjustment looks different on screen.
Anyone can use this as a base for further development. I personally like an experience close to stock with minimal bells and whistles. I hope you can make use of my humble submission.

Additional Notes 9 June

How to install: Install through CWM Recovery. TWRP should not cause problems too. Haven't tested this on stock recovery.

Even if I could have implemented things like V6Supercharger or a modified vold.fstab or init.d support, I didn't. In my personal use of this ROM I didn't need to speed up performance any further on a quad-core phone. Besides, I didn't want to play resource-heavy 3D games - classic console emulators suit me fine. Haven't gone into problems with the stock ROM so why fix things when they ain't broke?

Having said that, it shouldn't be any problem for experienced users to theme and install tweaks to their heart's content with this ROM. One of my motivations for cobbling this ROM together is because I softbricked my phone after installing Xperia apps through CWM. I made the noob mistake of not checking if the stock rom was already deodexed, since patches require a deodexed /system/framework. For this submission, I already deodexed the stock ROM - patches via CWM should cause no problem.

Additional note:

According to symphonyx7's excellent review,  
It should be noted that the MyPhone A919i is also known as the Micromax A116 Canvas HD in India. It is also known as the Wiko Cink Five in France, Fly IQ451 Quattro Vista in Russia, and Mobistel Cynus T5 in Germany. The OEM device of these phones is the Beidou Chi K Shallot/Scallion/Onion. The name approximately translates to "onion" as the OEM device does not have an English name. 
You can try this ROM too but I do not guarantee anything, just make sure you have a CWM backup in case something happens.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kuya. I'm relatively new to android, still feeling my way through things. But thanks to you, i now know how to transfer files from my pc to my phone.

Inquire lang regarding apk games with data files. Most instructions require putting the files in sdcard/android/obb

Question: I dont see an obb folder. But there is sdcard/android/data Is it one and the same? Can i put the "com." files there? Or since its missing, can i alternatively just create the obb folder instead, and then put it there?

Again, hoping for your reply. Please clear things out for me. Thanks.

shark said...

Create a folder named obb in /sdcard/android if it doesn't exist. Hope this helps.