Wednesday, June 05, 2013

CM Flare vs MP A919i: Smartphone Battery Experience

Our expectations for smartphone battery life are lower than what was expected for feature phones some years ago. With large screens and complicated operating systems, we consider charging our phones every day as a necessity. However we also expect a manageable decline in battery level with normal usage.

I have "calibrated" both devices through the usual method of deleting batterystats.bin after reaching 100%. To preserve the line and not "reset" to a new battery history graph, I tried my best to charge up to 89% only. When you reach 90%, your battery history will be reset.

Cherry Mobile Flare

The battery history shows red spikes extending to more than 15% during charging, and then dropping precipitously afterwards:

Sometimes I overshoot the target and reach full charge, but it doesn't reset if I reboot the phone. Many times it just takes me a few minutes to reach 100%, but it doesn't really seem like 100%. It doesn't matter whether I use the stock battery or the modified Samsung Galaxy S3 battery.

my|phone A919i

I used the phone for about 9 days, with a total charge time of 8 hours. I was surprised to see that my normal usage was tolerated well by the stock battery. I also did not get any surprise drops in battery level.

I have used both phones for some time. My normal usage is sending and receiving 100 text messages, making an hour of calls, and about 30 minutes of casual games per day.

I emphasize the convenience of knowing the exact level of your battery, and not worrying when your battery will suddenly run out. In this aspect the A919i is better than the Flare. I think a good reason for this advantage would be ROM optimizations on battery usage and accurate battery level reporting. I have handled Sony Ericsson android-based phones in the past too, and these phones handle battery usage accurately. I wish that accurate battery level reporting would be standard for all manufacturers of android phones.

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urgentdelight said...

I had a Cherry Mobile flare that after 10 months of usage, died on me. I had my Myphone A919i for only 3 days, and I really appreciate that the battery does not die on me as quickly as it does on the CM Flare. I believe the quality of the battery used by CM for the Flare is of lower quality, and judging from your data and my personal experience, it's very much validated. With the A919i I am confident to go out and not be afraid that my smartphone would just die on me within several hours of being unplugged from the outlet.