Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Hands-On of Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 (Lots of Pics!)

I bought a Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 today from the Cherr Red Enterprises kiosk at the first floor of Robinsons' Place Ermita. I paid P6999 for it, and it did not come with a PowerBank.

A lot of sites already have the requisite views from all sides of the device. Below is a picture of the phone with its back cover removed so you can have an idea of how big the battery really is. Well, in terms of size only - it's just a 1600mAh battery.

System information from System Tuner Pro. Shows the quad core processor - MSM8625Q.

 Quadrant score: 4853.

Quadrant Properties for the Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0.

Quadrant Properties for the display, showing the Adreno 203 chip powering the Flame 2.0.

Test picture using the Camera.

Screenshots of Temple Run Oz running on the Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0. No problems running the game with Visual Quality set to High.

I tried running n7player on the Flame 2.0 and it ran without glitches. When I tried this app on the Flare, it would force close or freeze.

The Gallery App can play a small 3gp file.

It can also play a large AVI file without problems.

Well, I just had to put this picture in for comparison. From an AVI file.

The Flame 2.0 has more RAM than the Flare. It is advertised to have 1GB of RAM but useable RAM is about 845MB.

Of course, Flame 2.0 runs Angry Birds Star Wars HD version. On the Flare, it runs too but it looks oversized.

I have only spent a few hours with the Flame 2.0 and I am satisfied so far with the stock experience. Everything is snappy and fluid. Battery life is an issue that needs further investigation. There is already a method posted on the Facebook group for Flame 2.0, check it out! The method used in rooting the Flare, Bin4ry's method, does not work.

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