Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Root Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 while preserving Stock Recovery

Modified from Ish Guidote's guide from CM Flame 2.0 Facebook page. Many thanks!

Required equipment:
* Flame 2.0
* microSD card (CWM won't detect the internal phone storage)
* USB connector
* Windows 7 PC (or other Windows versions)
* Brain
* A little luck

Required files (link from guide): MediaFire Link
* SuperSU
* Modified ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery image

I am on Windows 7, so some instructions might have to be modified accordingly by you if you are on a different Windows version.

1. Copy the to your microSD card. Make sure the card is inside your Flame 2.0.

2. Install the Android SDK from on your PC. Navigate to the program folder (on my PC it's C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools) and copy the CWM-Flame2.img you downloaded. Then hold Shift+right click on your mouse on the Explorer window, and select "Open command window here" for a cmd window to come up.

3. Go to Settings > Developer options on your phone and make sure that USB debugging is checked.

4. Install required drivers by connecting your phone via USB and making sure it is in Media device/MTP mode (check your dropdown and make sure that this is selected). If you are having problems installing, or your phone is not detected, locate in your phone and unzip it on your PC. Then manually install the driver corresponding to your operating system inside the adb_driver folder. You can check this by going into Device Manager and seeing an entry under "Android Phone" > "Android ADB Interface". I just went into more detail because I have installed maybe 20 Android phones on my PC and wanted to check if it was the Flame 2.0 that was being detected.

5. Turn off your phone. Go into fastboot mode by holding vol+ (volume up) while you press the power button. Don't let go until you see the green screen with very small white text ("AP fastboot: recovery ?"). If you get "ENTRY QPST DOWNLOAD", you pressed vol-. Don't panic, remove your battery and put it back in again. Your phone should be detected by the PC. Sometimes it will install ADB drivers automatically. You can check that by going to the cmd window and entering "fastboot devices". It should output "Flame2 fastboot".

6. You can do two things here:
    1. Flash CWM as your permanent recovery
        Enter "fastboot flash recovery CWM-Flame2.img". Once completed, reboot using "fastboot reboot" and enter CWM by holding vol+ (volume up) while you press the power button. This time, hold the buttons until you see the red screen with very small white text ("recovery"). Wait for CWM to come up.
        For the record, I did not do this because I wanted to retain my stock recovery.
    2. Sideload CWM as recovery for this session only
        Enter "fastboot boot CWM-Flame2.img". It will automatically load CWM. CWM recovery is valid for this session only, meaning if you power down and reboot, you can still go into stock recovery. This is the method I used.

7. On the CWM menu, navigate using the volume buttons and select using the power button. Choose "install zip from sdcard" then "choose zip from sdcard". Navigate to where your is and select it. It will ask you to confirm. Then it will install SuperSU. Go back to the main menu and choose "reboot system now". If the phone does not respond, don't panic, remove your battery and put it back in again. SuperSU will now be in your app drawer. Congratulations, you are now rooted!

For updates/modifications that are via CWM zip installs, you can repeat the sideload procedure and install what you need. Stock recovery will still be there once you reboot normally. You don't have to worry about reflashing a stock recovery if you need to send back your phone for repairs. You can also access CWM to do a backup of your ROM before you modify it. I can't post a backup because I already modified my system ROM, and I just backed up some files that I removed/altered.

Here is a video on what I was able to do with my Flame 2.0 after rooting it. The video glitches are limitations of Screencast. Max FPS it can do is 40, while the refresh rate of Flame 2.0 is 58Hz (according to Quadrant).

I scoured XDA-Developers for the Xperia Launcher, Walkman from Xperia V (thread), and Xperia ICS fonts.


Kryptongazer said...

Bro may stock ROM ka ba ng flame 2.0? after ko ksi ma successfully root, nag install ako ng ROM Toolbar Pro then pinalitan ko yung Boot animation, after mag reboot na stuck sa Boot Logo na lng. I need to reflash to stock ROM pa upload nman ng stock ROM ng CM Flame 2.0 pls!

Also pano gamitin yung Android AIO Flasher sa pagbalik ng stock ROM help pls!

shark said...

Haven't backed up the stock ROM. At the Facebook fan page someone posted a RAR file for it, that might help you.

Jan Dizon said...

Hey Bro. Thank you for the extremely helpful post. I am wondering if you would be able to help me unbrick my phone.

I was trying to flash a few generic custom roms to see if any of the ones available would work on the flame 2.0

Huli ka balbon. I got my phone bricked.

no boot. not even a charging indicator while the phone is off and connected to a charger.


shark said...

Difficult. Can you access your phone using stock recovery? How about ADB? If not, you will need to access through fastboot and manually install a system.img.

Jan Dizon said...

Hehe It's completely bricked now. no ADB access. no fastboot. no stock recovery or CWM. no power. no vibration. no light on the lcd whatsoever. I had it replaced and told the shop I got it from that it just died on me. Let this be a lesson on how to lie to your local cellphone dealer. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi. Came across your blog as i was 'googling' for an answer. Btw, i'm very VERY new to Android. In fact im clueless po. Kuya, can you teach me how to transfer files from my pc to my phone. (Flame 2.0) via cable preferably. Thank you. Will wait for your reply. Hopefully you do soon.

shark said...

This video might help:

Renn dela Cruz said...

Up for this thread. Thinking of selling my 1 week old SM Diamond to get a CM Flame 2.0.

Joshua Gao said...

ano po bang apps ang safe to remove after nang iroot ang device?

Dr Hocking said...

Thanks - this works on the K-Touch U86. Used the CWM sideload so as not to get trapped if it didn't work.

Going to try and find a Flare 2.0 stock rom now, as the U86 from CHina has no Google accounts etc.

Well done :)

Dr Hocking said...

Thanks - this worked on the K-Touch U86. Now I need to find a way of putting google accounts on it - Chinese so no google framework installed. Any Flame 2 stock ROMs about?

Well done :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kuya. I'm relatively new to android, still feeling my way through things. But thanks to you, i now know how to transfer files from my pc to my phone.

Inquire lang regarding apk games with data files. Most instructions require putting the files in sdcard/android/obb

Question: I dont see an obb folder. But there is sdcard/android/data Is it one and the same? Can i put the "com." files there? Or since its missing, can i alternatively just create the obb folder instead, and then put it there?

Again, hoping for your reply. Please clear things out for me. Thanks. (repost sorry)

Roberto Ibarra said...

just create an obb folder then put the files there.

Roberto Ibarra said...

just create "obb" folder then copy the data file inside of it.

pykes said...

Kua help nmn na brick kc ung cm flame 2.0 ko panu pu ba i unbrick un kua help nmn po plss

irvine018 said...

Hi can anyone give me system.img file for flame 2.0. I would appreciate a response sa email ko Thanks! I badly need it.