Saturday, March 31, 2012

In My Life Today 25

The last time I blogged about my life was 5 months ago. It was a vague post about making a big mistake. And about deactivating my Facebook account. Now I am already happily married to a wonderful, smart and beautiful person.

Facebook is still there with my account still active. I check it everyday, and sometimes post a random status update. Compared to the 5 posts I created for this blog, my status updates amount to a lot of content I've sent to the interwebs. I would still like to think that the content I post here are substantially more relevant than the random stuff I post on the time sinkhole that is Facebook.

It's curious that a relatively unmaintained blog can still manage to get to 34000+ visitors. I checked the logs and see that for the most part, random visitors get to my blog looking for the odd phone review. I thought of maybe doing more of the same, but then I realized that I am currently trying to curb my addiction to cheap gadgets. There are a lot of people who do this blog review thing for a living. I tried to look for an opportunity to join these people, but alas, currently there are none. Will things change? Not too much of a market for china phones anyway.

I'm still in residency training, 8 years after graduation from medical school. I just realized that this blog has been existing for 6 years and 8 months now. It bore silent witness to many things that happened to my life, especially the thoughts I had while I was in residency training before. Is it a good thing or a bad thing, keeping an online journal for people to judge you with? But then I thought, my life is too transparent anyway, blog or no blog. Moving forward, I will be more selective on what I will be posting.

Enough about me and my reminiscing. Too bad I cannot post Triage Tales anymore - a lot has changed since then. It is considered bad form to post things about your workplace anyway. Come to think of it, a stupid random Facebook post from me can easily cost me my job just like these people.

I will try to post more stuff on things I like to do. I will start a project soon, which will hopefully bring a small but significant benefit to the archaic process of logging patient consult data at the triage. Wish me luck on the approvals and the setup!

Appreciate any comments and suggestions you might have. Yes, my grammar and coherence of thought have not been in top shape recently, so I apologize if this post is badly-written.

I'd like to end this post with a picture of me and some of my co-residents during a visit to the set of Wil Time Bigtime. Already posted this on Facebook, posting this again so that the photo will have a longer exposure to the interwebs.

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