Friday, May 14, 2010

In My Life Today 23

A lot of things have happened since I last posted here.

Most of them are minor, random things that are posted on my Facebook account or my Twitter account. You can add me or follow me (whatever is appropriate).

I finally finished my Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science from the UP Open University. My ThatcherGUI program was part of my requirements and I'm proud that I was able to finish that thing. I also went to UPOU HQ at Los BaƱos by myself for the Commencement Exercises. I'm too lazy to leech pictures from my friends' Facebook photo albums and upload it into a photo-sharing site for me to be able to show it here. I think this poster accurately describes the occasion.

I was interviewed for the UPOU Community Site. I spend most of my time on that site playing the V - Game. It's fun! And hanging around the Comm Site is fun.

I had a tour of duty at Boracay. It was a nice change of pace. I was a little rusty but I think I managed to finish the duty quite well.

I'm not getting any younger. But fate is fickle, and I am still in career limbo. Of course, prospects are better for me these days - I can apply for another stint in a call center if I badly needed the money. I can get another moonlighting job, and see patients as a GP.

But the things that I want to do - they have a window of opportunity. I have to wait for those windows to open up for me. And while they remain closed, I wait.

It's good that I did not totally burn my bridges with Medicine. It's good that I feel a sense of accomplishment, getting that Computer Science credential that I've wanted to have ever since I was a high school senior. As my priorities evolve, I have to fix the image of what I will be doing for the rest of my working life, or else it would be too late.

While waiting for that serious moment to come, I watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

I'd appreciate it if you had any serious suggestions on what I can do next. The last time I posed this question, I was given the choice of playing a bunch of computer games, embalming, or working in a fast food chain. I smiled, and then I read about going into medical informatics. Who knows? I might even take up the challenge of my DCS classmates and apply for the MIS program next semester.

Finally, it's rare that you find gems in Facebook statuses. I found a rough stone and polished it. Apparently some people like it.
Don't be sad when your old flame is with someone else. You should share your old toys with the less fortunate.

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