Saturday, February 20, 2010


One of the reasons why I have not been posting for the past months was that I had to finish this project for my Management Information Systems subject.

I created a system for medical charts to be inputted in a database, viewed on demand, and output a file containing diagnosis and demographic information. In short, an Electronic Medical Records system. I programmed this using Java on NetBeans with MySQL Connector/J for the database connection.

It's a little crude, because you need to have MySQL installed on your computer to make it run. Hopefully the README would be complete enough for you to be able to make it work. The source code is included, as ThatcherGUI is licensed under the GPL.

ThatcherGUI (3MB) - Hosted on Link is dead - contact me through comments if you want a copy.

Of course there are better, more complete alternatives out there like OpenMRS or CHITS. If given the time to study those EMRs (including the different paradigms and programming languages they use), I would be able to modify them to serve the very specific purpose that my program aims to address. I'm just glad that this application reached this stage after months of getting it to work.

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