Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Notes 23

I have been very quiet on my blog lately. Aside from days that have eleven, twelve, or even thirteen hours of staying in the office, I am also constrained to post anything about work here. A mild form of writers' block may also contribute to the low output, because even the emails I make seem to be incoherent sometimes.

Being active on Facebook everyday also made me post my status updates, to be seen by my growing Friends list by force (unless they block me from their News Feed).

Anyway, I was "reprimanded" by someone who actually has nominal authority over me. And no, I'm not talking about work - it's a Medicine thing. It would have been acceptable if I was still in a training program, following the rigid hierarchy of the medical elite. But at this point in my life, I felt that it was uncalled for - I had a different set of work-related commitments and was certainly not able to fulfill this trifling matter.

After the stern "reprimand", I posted this on Facebook:
If you don't respect who I am and what I now do for a living, then I can't be your friend.
The resulting comments made me smile - it was a cross-section of friends that really understood who I was and what I stood for. They made me smile and realize that, in the end, true friends will stand by you for as long as you are reasonably correct.

I am writing this loose collection of thoughts after arriving from an all-nighter. A few of my former trainees went out and we sang, drank, and talked until morning. It has been a long time since I had an all-nighter. I wish it could have been cheaper for me though. Hahaha!

I had also enrolled myself in UPOU for the next semester. I wish that the coursework for this semester turns out to be accommodating enough to allow me to work. I need to get good grades - after all, this is my career move par excellence.

I am now watching K-On! and it is so cool! The opening theme is worth the price of admission alone. I listen to it repeatedly and never get tired of it. Seriously.

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