Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pac-Man versus Installing an OS

I have now used the OpenSolaris 2008.11 Live CD that arrived in the mail on my sister's laptop. I was tinkering with the installation since yesterday, and am very excited to use the OS for learning - especially since I had been using Netbeans on SXDE 1/08 while studying Java.

And since the internet connection has come back on after being disconnected last night (grrr...), I tried to get online using my desktop PC and find the lacking Broadcomm ethernet driver from a BigAdmin article. I was successful.

The first acid test was web browsing. 2008.11 came with Firefox preinstalled, which meant that Gmail, Facebook, Friendster, and Wikipedia was working. But Flash was not part of the distribution, so YouTube video was not working at all. Good thing that unlike SXDE, OSOL comes with a graphical front-end for IPS so I proceeded to look for a Flash package.

It turns out that I needed to sign up using my Sun ID (fortunately I had one - from my time in the Java forums) for me to be able to get a certificate and login to the extra repository. Okay.

I then tried to install Flash but it gave me a cryptic error that SUNWcsl needs to be version XXX.111.something. Uh oh - logic tells me that I might need to upgrade to the bleeding edge version of OSOL, which is build 111. The CD would install build 101, and that might be the big difference.

So I tried to play around a bit with the IPS GUI (Package Manager) but it did not allow me to do "Update All". The GUI persistently generated an error about my catalog needing to be refreshed. Googling the error gave me some fixes - they did not work. While I was frantically searching for a workable solution, I go on Facebook and 400 people were saying that Manny Pacquiao won over Ricky Hatton. In round 2. TKO. Lopsided victory. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Ad nauseam.

I'm proud of Pac-Man as the next person. But this time it seemed like overkill, like someone was deliberately underprepared for the match. Anyway I'm not a big boxing fan and fixing an operating system issue would be a better use of my free Sunday. But then my search skills were failing me so I sat down with my sisters in front of the idiot tube and watched how Pac-Man slaughtered Hatton in 2 on free TV. I did have the option to watch streaming video but I was distracted by the technical challenge in front of me. Besides, free TV had loads of mind-numbing commercials for roof sealants, wanna be senators (Kuya Efren and Tito Boboy? give me a break) and 1/3 of the screen covered by your favorite products.

After the match, I decided to give it another go. This time, I was allowed to do a global update - time will tell if it does go through.
558 packages will be updated
10 packages will be installed

443.51 MB will be downloaded
This is going to be a long afternoon. It's okay, I have The New Statesman and the original version of Ocean's Eleven to keep me company. Joy is enjoying her short Boracay trip because of the long Labor Day weekend - but I can't be envious of the fact that she is away from a reliable computer connection. Hehehe. 370+ MB to go.

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