Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Life As A Collection of Games

I don't usually see my life as one great narrative that I can tie everything into without any complications. There are secrets to be kept - those of my family, my friends, my workplace, and most especially my own. Besides, though it seems that I am able to string together a few sentences into a coherent idea, I can't create something that would not bore anyone to sleep.

Flash-based games would be a good way to express some more exciting experiences in my life. Oops, I mean JavaFX (since I've been learning Java for quite some time). A quick game would not be boring, and it would place the player in the (unenviable) position of being me during those moments.

Not everyone had been lucky enough to work a 24 hour shift in the ward or an Emergency Room of a government hospital. I remember working as a clinical clerk in a dimly lit Pediatrics ward, always on my feet giving IV medication, extracting blood, performing procedures - while suffering the onslaught of mosquitoes. I also fondly remember being the Junior Ward Admitting Physician On Duty (quite a mouthful) - where I only slept 2 hours a day and spent the rest of the time either caring for my no less than 5 patients and doing a census of the service's patients.

Who can forget my life as a surgical resident? It's no Grey's Anatomy game, I'm sure. (After all, that show did change my life.) It's more mundane than you think - trying to make sure that every call from all pay patients get answered throughout the night while also making sure that there would be an assist for each emergency operation. And bonus stages would be: making sure that all paperwork is done - medical-related and clerical alike; budgeting the precious 6 hours of "me" time away from the hospital; suppressing the urge to shout "Unfair!" while being grilled alive for the mistakes of your casanova chief resident.

And working in the Emergency Room of the biggest university-affiliated government hospital should be interesting too. How can you cure all patients in a reasonable amount of time when you are short on resources, manpower, heck, even stretcher beds? Diner Dash can't hold a candle as far as time management is concerned.

I'm a sucker for Final Fantasy, so an RPG would be a best fit. Normally doctors are stereotyped as healers (White Mage types) but then again some of us also depend on our equipment to heal - a Mystic Knight type would not be far off. Also, the inordinate time we spend on trying to be a doctor, the workload, and the incremental rewards are perfect for level grinding. There is always a greater evil lurking in the shadows - be it a rude resident from another department, a power-tripping senior resident, or a surgical consultant with a known dislike of your medical school's graduates.

Those should be interesting games. Or maybe not, since I haven't heard of all these games that already exist.

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