Sunday, April 26, 2009


I stumbled on this video from my previous employer and it was so funny that I literally fell from my seat while watching.

Viewers would be well-informed if they have the proper frame of mind while watching the video. These are agents and supervisors that have been taught on how to market anything. But even so, the whole thing seems like it was ridiculously scripted and patched together to drive home single word talking points - "fun", "friendship", "professional". For any serious business person, these do not really make sense.

Personally, I still see some friends there who are trying their best to do what is asked of them. It's just a shame that at the end of the day, their singular effort is combined to make what amounts to bare-faced snake oil salesmanship. It is also a little bit misleading for potential applicants to show only the favorable parts of a whole picture - then again, there is enough word-of-mouth disclaimers that exist to debunk the video.

At least they learned their lesson from a year ago - now if you Google the name Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, you'd find at least 70 free press release links before you arrive at something else. A little over a year ago these four blog posts made quite the splash on Google. Now the images have been lost since the original free provider has taken them down, but you get the picture.

For a company that prides itself as riding the trend of the "global marketplace", they still have some agents declaring that "IT is obsolete". I am shaking my head in disbelief.

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