Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Staying Online

I guess I should be content to be online sometimes but not all the time. Even as I paid extra just to have DSL service, it's still not a guarantee to have an uninterrupted internet signal.

For the past two days my total online time had been less than an hour. I would be lucky enough to get an email out or two, and then I lose the connection. In my previous job, I would be getting an "APIPA" - an autoprovisioned IP address.

I call in to PLDT customer service and the problem is seemingly solved by making sure that the line providing my signal is connected securely to the distributor box. Crap. There's a thousand reasons why it could be dislodged at any one time.

I'm not saying that having an internet connection is absolutely mission-critical - after all, I was able to survive 5 months without a reliable connection. It's just more convenient and less time-consuming for me to access the internet at home instead of some internet cafe that would not allow me to download files in their slow, bloatware-ridden computers.

Oh well. Since I'm spending more than 11 hours somewhere else anyway, I shouldn't mind that much.

It's just funny that sometimes I am the last to embrace new technology but I get so enamored with it that I become an advocate. For two years, I saw my friends texting on cellphones but never paid attention - now I can proudly say that I can keep up with the latest trends as a loyal subscriber for 6 years. I was also late to get on the DSL bandwagon but it did broaden my horizons and allow me to do decent coursework on my Diploma in Computer Science.

I'm crossing my fingers that this won't be a recurrent problem, or else I would be forced to get the more expensive option of wireless broadband.

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