Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back Online

After days of waiting, and P2000+ on top of the normal application fee (to buy the extra cable needed for service), I finally got myself reconnected to the Internet. I now have DSL from PLDT, which makes it so convenient for me. I can now regularly check my email, update my blog, and download... stuff.

I have bought a new Samsung E1100 as a replacement phone for my broken Sony Ericsson T303. I never expected my T303 to be broken after only 4 months, and I never dropped it or abused it. One week of constantly hanging without warning irritated me so much that I had to shell out P1800 just so I could have a workable phone again.

I created a Facebook profile at the prodding of my hepe Leah. I am at a loss on what content I should be putting up on my profile... it's been a long time since I sat down and took the time to create content.

Now I'm thinking about studying again. Maybe a programming language or something.

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