Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keeping Busy

My blog posts have trickled down. I have just filed my application for DSL today, and I hope that I would have internet access before summer ends - in time for a new semester. I am keeping busy after leaving Convergys Bacolod; however due to an embargo, I would keep you guys in the dark about what I am now doing for a little longer. (I do keep my word when it comes to these things, especially since almost everyone can look you up using Google anytime.) Besides, it would only need a little bit of imagination to find out what I'm up to.

Brownouts have been occurring regularly here in Iloilo City. For two straight days now, I have been woken from my deep slumber because my room suddenly became unbearably hot. You'd think that I would be used to boiler room environments, but since I needed to catch up on sleep, the heat was a rude awakening for me.

I requested for a copy of my grades yesterday. I hope to receive them next week so that I can frame them. This is the first time that I am really excited to receive grades from school. Seriously.

On my way to the internet cafe, I had my receipts from my weekly boat trips to and from Bacolod bound into a small booklet. More than half an inch thick, it would remind me of my time in Bacolod, the 11 months I spent there honing my skills in a highly competitive environment.

As I create this blog post, I hear from friends that most of my colleagues have been, after a long wait, promoted to better positions. I wish only the best for them. One is tempted to ask "What If?" but, under the circumstances, at that time it was the best decision I could make.

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