Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keeping Busy 2

I had to return to the internet cafe to make sure that my previous blog post went through. Amazingly, it did post. I was not sure if I was able to click on the "Publish Post" button just as the power went out.

I seem to be having a severe withdrawal reaction as I am forcibly weaned away from my internet habit.

There was a medical certificate that went my way, signed by one colleague who used to be a junior resident in Joy's department. The good doctor may not actually have treated the person for "fever and rashes" and not write down a diagnosis. The uncluttered handwriting is a giveaway - I saw the doctor's notes before, and I am sure that it was a lot more haphazard than that. Should I let it pass?

Another semester is about to start. I can't wait!

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