Sunday, March 15, 2009

In My Life Today 22

Since resigning from my former company, I had not been able to stay near a reliable open internet connection for more than an hour. The local ISP (PLDT) still cannot promise a connection to my home; besides, they are asking me for three most recent payslips which I do not currently have.

I am in the middle of a nasty cold. Most people have been sniffling, coughing, and spitting - in the typically adorable manner Filipinos have been known for. Note the dripping sarcasm there. Good thing I was able to start antibiotics a few days ago, and I am thus feeling better. Too bad that I was not able to go out yesterday with some friends, but I wouldn't risk being sick right now.

I was invited to be part of my previous team's team building exercise. Although I would have wanted so much to be there, I cannot. Besides, I'm not part of the team anymore so it should be okay.

Mark came to Kalibo again for the burial of his aunt. I went there for the weekend and we spent the time with his PSP - decked out with emulators, which made me feel bad for myself not having one at all.

Joy is in her Internal Medicine rotation, and it makes it harder for me to see her regularly. But it's for the best. Thank technology for getting in touch and enabling us to stick together.

Cannot think of anything else right now, it must be the stuffy nose, the slight fever, or the hesitation of disclosing more than I should right now.

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