Friday, January 16, 2009

Tomorrrow 3

I am doing a test run to see if I can reliably take an online exam after my shift. Tomorrow would be the moment of truth. I have studied for this exam for weeks; my exam schedule had been moved; and I was not able to apply for leave when it mattered. Earlier I pleaded with my supervisor to defer any post-shift overtime that they need me to render - because of this exam. I was apologetically explaining that I need to take this exam a little after 9AM (because my shift ends at 8:45, there would be no way I would be able to start the exam on time) and that I would usually agree to any overtime requests, but not at this extraordinary instance.

A little less than 4 weeks ago, I lost my Addict Mobile SIM card along with my cellphone. True to form, I still don't have word if there is an available replacement card - both in Bacolod and in Iloilo. I better get credit on this one as I have not been able to use my postpaid line at all.

How is your Mathematics? You might want to find out with the Open University (UK) online assessment here.

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