Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks For The Greetings

I started my day today seeing Joy, who is on her last OB-Gyne duty (at least for this rotation anyway).

Then I began writing some bits and pieces of what will hopefully be a coherent comparison study of two operating systems. If there is still time, why not three? But as it is, simply documenting all the default programs on Windows Vista had already taken 7 pages of text and a few pictures in a Word document.

I also watched some Yes Minister and Valkyrie, although not in full. I am a sucker for politics and WWII Germany.

My mother came to visit a little after lunch and brought some buko salad that I swear by. I really appreciated the gesture since she knows that I am a sucker for good buko salad.

Now after my mother left to return to our house in Dao, I came to this internet cafe to update my blog profile, check email and my social network site, and login to the course site to check updates on the comparative study we have to do. Maybe later I will get a haircut and then do some more coursework before turning in for the night.

I have given myself the book Outliers, which proves to be a very good read. The day before yesterday, I was with Joy at National Bookstore browsing some books. The simple cover and tagline "The Story Of Success" took me back to a Mensa email discussion on the merits of the book's thesis, as well as a Fraternity mailing list link to a book review. I wasn't able to put the book down, so much that when Joy and I were having dinner in an Italian Restaurant I stopped eating and had to open the book!

Anyway I thank everybody who greeted me on my birthday. I already have my old number back, thanks to Ms. Valerie Grace at Smart - Robinsons Place Bacolod who provided me with the replacement SIM card after what seemed like an eternity. I hope that this year would be better than the last one, and I hope to be able to make some headway on my career change.

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