Monday, January 05, 2009


Yesterday's Inquirer has this curious article about Sen. Miriam Santiago's first grandchild.

I read it with great interest, not only because I am a great Miriam fan, but also because I was thinking about how she would uniquely contextualize the significance of having grandchildren.

I was not disappointed.

Anyway, my personal opinion is that being gifted could not be manufactured by any means. It would be a combination of natural ability, a good environment, and an incredible streak of luck.

Sure, you can pass IQ and aptitude tests, qualify for the best schools, and answer most questions that can be asked. It would still be useless if you did not have the right set of opportunities. And,
If a man can afford to sit down and wait for a golden opportunity to come along, he doesn't need it.
So does that mean I should look for opportunities now?

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