Saturday, January 03, 2009

In My Life Today 21

For some reason, what I was about to post yesterday was not saved properly, and I was left with a draft post which I just published because I was in a rush to go home.

Anyway, I opened up the forum for one of the courses I was taking and I found that the question posted was about input and output. Quotable quote:
We don't need to reinvent the wheel...

It is very convenient that not a lot of people in the office know my background - of me being in a different role before. My manager was surprised when he knew from my former supervisor that I am a licensed physician. And I was doubly surprised when he said he listened to my calls and found that I was able to tackle the technical issues with some degree of competence. That made my day.

As I was rushing to go to the office, I felt that all-too-familiar sensation of missing something. I left my cellphone in the apartment. I did not throw a fit when I realized it, because I do not regard it as an appendage. No one but my girlfriend and some friends would bother to contact me nowadays. That does not mean I miss the times my consultants would ring my phone at 3am demanding updates on their admitted patients.

When one realizes the nature of one's position, and one's own inertia, and is able to foresee one's own path, one begins to consider one's next move.

Or one begins to consider being The New Statesman.

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