Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As you can see, my current profile is back to what it was, about 200 posts ago. So the links may not work properly.

I will be moving to a new house in a few days, and I will have to discontinue my internet service. This, and the fact that I am in Bacolod City for most of the week, will make blogging regularly a difficult task.

I am not stopping this blog. I might have to stick with the default Blogger template and tweak it a little because it is so needlessly difficult to upload one of the free templates, with Haloscan commenting enabled.

Also, Friendster is having a weird bug related to phishing sites, but I guess it is related to the latest critical update released for Internet Explorer. Try searching for Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-078. Be careful. It's a painful lesson if you just take technology for granted.

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