Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missing Things Returned

I posted about losing my USB drive. Well, I guess the people who do my laundry was able to find it before they put the clothes in the machine. I'm still having my laundry done at Laundry Dad Mandalagan because of the trust and gratitude I have for their excellent service.

Also, I came home to Iloilo and spent a sleepless night without internet access. I have been losing internet access for the past weeks but I thought it was just a routine thing. So when it had been more than 12 hours, I called in Globelines technical support. I told the agent my problem, and the steps I have already done - reset modem, reseated physical connections, released and renewed the IP. Still nothing.

He sounded confident and was able to schedule a trouble call, with the technicians coming to the house barely 2 hours after the call ended. The technicians did a hard modem reset and had me access the modem directly to refresh the IP address assigned to it. Voila! Internet connection restored.

Let me take the time to thank Globelines Technical Support for their fast, prompt service. I know you guys do not have customer satisfaction surveys to gauge the quality of service (like I do, hehehe) so I just hope that someone would stumble upon this post and thank you guys for me.


With the looming economic crisis, and requests for me to stay at home instead of ferrying to Bacolod every week, I am reconsidering a comeback to health care, or even take a different job here in Iloilo. Although I am not being pressed to make a decision at this time, I am now seriously contemplating it.


Never been an AC/DC fan, but this new song from Black Ice is nice.

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