Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overheard: Cheap Drug

I was in the Ocean Jet waiting lounge 2 days ago when I overheard someone behind me giving his "medical advice". I did not look at him directly at first, but it was obvious that he was on his cellphone. He sounded very confident and convincing.
"I've heard that you're under the weather with a nagging cough?"

"If you want to be cured quickly, take doxycycline. Doxin is the brand name."

"Yes, it's cheap, only P2.00."

"You have to take it three times a day for five days."

"Yes, and if you need to be symptom-free quickly, take it with Bioflu."
I was amused and mildly outraged at the same time. I could not imagine an antibiotic used for the treatment of syphilis, chlamydia, and anthrax would be sold for P2.00. And even if he was a doctor (which I seriously doubt considering the accuracy of his advice), he would not be eager to prescribe a very potent antibiotic, over the phone, for what sounds like a simple respiratory tract infection.

His friend is going to be shocked when he gets to a drug store and asks for the "cheap drug" - a shock that might prove more painful than the flu.

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