Saturday, September 27, 2008

You Have Two Hours To Complete The Exam

Yes, friends, after 21 years I am still taking exams.

I finished two Final Exams today for my coursework this semester. True to University of the Philippines standards, the exams were far from walks in the park. And since exams in the Open University are very few and far in between, I felt unsure of the outcome.

There were a lot of missteps recently: computer finally giving up after long years of dedicated service; not being able to study properly because of the acute need for rest; and I even lost my internet connection last night. The typhoon season did not help.

So when I arrived at the UP Visayas Campus to take my exams, I was on kamikaze mode. I remember the countless all-nighters that enabled me to pass (just barely) my exams in medical school. And I was kicking myself why I was not able to do that this time. Age getting the better of me this time?

Regardless of the outcome, I would still recommend the UPOU to my friends. I have learned a lot, and it is very convenient for people who want to get additional qualifications but do not have the time because of other priorities. The coursework is not a cakewalk - be prepared.

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