Monday, August 04, 2008

In My Life Today 18

I never thought I would be kept so preoccupied by life. All of my other activities has lessened my blog output.

The career change is going well, thank you very much. And it is a great conversation starter too.

I had an extended vacation this week because I had to take an exam. It was so hard, and rightfully so because I studied so little - a bad habit from Med School. Good thing that I dabbled in some Java during the past year. The similarity to C syntax came in handy with code completion questions.

At work, I'm getting the hang of things. But I'm not complacent enough to be content in my current position - and this coming August would be the final month of judgment before regularization. I am hoping for the best still to come after some missed opportunities last week.

In my e-mail inbox, I saw a thread that had this initial post:
[clinic details] is in need of a part time/on-call MD (max of 3 days per week) MD preferably on T/Th/F only (office hours only).

Compensation:PhP 800/day plus 10% incentive on hands on procedures done.

The poster did not realize that she hit a nerve with our colleagues, who (like me) have felt shortchanged. Some comments:
I hope we doctors stop shortchanging ourselves & do not accept such small fees. The problem with most of us is that we are content in accepting this type of sum when we deserve & have to demand for a higher compensation.

Pati professional fees natin binabarat at tayo naman nagpapabarat din. Palagay ko it is time for us to set a ceiling for our fees na hindi naman tayo kawawa.
I do hope we could work together to give ourselves the dignity we deserve having studied and labored long for what we though would give us a better life.
We give services and the money they pay us can not be commensurate to our services because we help them back to health.which is priceless.
i hope we can all help ourselves by joining hands and asking and giving what we deserve and what our patients/clients deserve.

i think we must stop that practice na ang patient pag pumunta sa clinic hindi prepared to pay the service we render,im not saying na maging mukhang pera na tayo im just explaining na we should be honest to them na we also deserve a payment when we give our service kasi pag mga wala namang sakit nakaka afford naman silang kunyari manood ng cine or mag karoon ng mobile phone bakit pagdating sa doktor wala silang pera?

Echoes of my post last year. Same old, same old. I guess some things really never change.

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