Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back After Technical Glitch

I had a glitch on my computer, and it damaged my barely 2 month old SATA hard drive, along with weeks worth of downloaded torrent files.

I went home two weeks ago to find a computer that was not able to do its POST sequence. I only had the new setup for about 6 weeks so warranty still covered it; I was thinking that it was a problem with the motherboard.

The technician at Concept Computer said that some ants were able to get inside the hard drive. He did not find any problem with the motherboard, and assured me that he arrived at this conclusion by testing all the components of my PC separately. As for any data that can be recovered, he said that when he tries to access the hard drive, the system will either hang up or slow down tremendously.

Okay, I thought "NO POST" issues were motherboard-related. Anyhow my hard disk was replaced without charge so I can't complain.

I spent another evening reinstalling XP, Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat, Firefox 3.0, and uTorrent.

Now my HP 840c printer is not working, but I guess it's not directly related to the PC problem - I don't think the parallel connector is working correctly after 8 years of use.

Anyway, my PC problem was not the only glitch I went through. I am just amazed at how I am taking all these 'glitches' calmly - 3 years ago I would have blamed somebody, or I would have gone through the roof. Now I enjoyed the 3 PC-free weekends by playing my oft-neglected PS2, watching cable (instead of YouTube), and finally trying to understand some tricky concepts in the CMSC B course I am taking.

I may have also considered printing some comments here that were made by some person who has truly some time on his or her hands. They were supposed to be insults, but I find them funny. But not funny enough for print - so I deleted them instead. Joy told me that those people consider me important enough for them to allot time in posting comments anonymously. If that is the case, I am truly flattered.

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