Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Notes 17

Haven't posted in a while, maybe because I haven't kept myself updated with The Blog Rounds.

While poking around the torrent sites for anything noteworthy, I found this: Final Fantasy XII UNDUB Version. I will presume that you know something about Final Fantasy so that you can understand the rest of this post.

When I first played the game last year(in-between jobs), I logged about 80 hours on it until my memory card decided to corrupt the save file. I was able to finish the game already and was trying to complete all the clan quests (Damn you Yiazmat!) It was one of those games that I could not put the controller down for at least 2 hours each session.

The English version already has superb voice acting, don't get me wrong. But for people like me who have been exposed to subbed anime, like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the original Japanese seiyuu is still the best.

So for three weekends in a row, I had to wait to download 2.2 GB from a poorly seeded torrent, with a less than desirable internet connection.

And the wait was well worth it. I tried playing off a LV99 save file I downloaded from the internet, and it was refreshing to see how the original developers intended the game to be. And it reinforces the fact that Final Fantasy XII remains great no matter what language you play it in.

It's just my luck that I have work 5 days a week, without access to a PS2... guess I need to store the DVD somewhere so I can play it during weekends. Hehe.

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