Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Notes 16

Haven't blogged about the devastation that Typhoon Frank brought to Panay Island. Even now, you see mud everywhere. One week after the typhoon, Kalibo still has a lot of problems.

YouTube video of mud-soaked Kalibo. You can hear the motorcycle driving through thick mud.
And right here in Iloilo, the roads are still coated with a thick film of caked mud that gets into your lungs every time you inhale.

Devastation in Jaro. Please don't mind the music - I did not upload this video.
I'm just grateful that our house was spared from being overrun by water. But a lot of people I know have had their houses damaged by the flooding.

(Here are some more pictures from Kalibo - the mud says it all. It takes someone like Mar Roxas to point to a wall and show how high the water rose.)

I just submitted my first assignment for one of my subjects under the UP Open University, and I hope that I would get a respectable grade. Keeping a regular study time is really daunting especially since I have yet to receive a Course Guide for my other subject. And it's the subject that I don't really understand well - Logic.

This month has been a struggle for me. Joy started her 2-month elective in PGH. I had to transfer to a new apartment because the old one was just too constricting, and I did not want to continue "breaking in" (actually, opening a window and getting in akyat bahay style) just to get some sleep. I have begun seeing what it is like on the production floor, and I seem to be the one of the few that follow the English Only Policy. I am also a little bit taken aback with the added load of study from UPOU, especially since it is not as structured and requires an available internet connection (at least, I think I need one).

But I've been through worse. Hope that this is part of an upward trend.

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