Sunday, May 04, 2008

Computer Not Booting 2

For details of my previous experience with the computer not booting, click here.

In the Philippines, you can't rely on technical support when it comes to computers.

Let me clarify that. If you build your own PC, you are technical support.

Yesterday when I went home from Bacolod, I turned on the PC like I usually do and started downloading a file. I then leave the PC on so that I can do other things, like sleep, take a bath, and eat.

I left to have lunch with my girlfriend Joy, eating most of the rice we ordered (good for 4-5 people!) and most of the oysters.

When I returned home, I was surprised to see a BSOD that told me:
PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (See information here)
What the hell?! Looking at the problem component, I saw that it was eamon.sys. It was a surprise to find out that it was a component of the NOD32 antivirus I was running, and I ruled that out as a problem. I was leaning more on the suspicion that my memory modules were giving me a problem, so I reseated them.

My PC then booted... and then, no output on video.

My suspicions were confirmed just a few minutes ago when I took out my less than a year old Tornado GeForce FX5500 (yeah Mark, I have an old PC, I haven't had the money to upgrade to PCI-X yet...) and replaced it with my more than 5 years old Geforce MX100/200 32MB video card.

What a way to remind me to upgrade my PC to something more... functional.

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