Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks For Visiting

It was nice for my old friends at Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions to finally look at my rather amateurish blog.

Evident from the screen capture above (click image to enlarge) is the fact that I had seven visits from, which is actually the domain assigned to the office IP used for Internet browsing. So thanks for visiting my humble corner in cyberspace. As you can see from my older posts, I have not blogged about work, not even the complete name of my workplace. But now as I have been forced to resigned (rather than accept a humiliating fate) from Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, I can freely blog about my experiences, maybe post a few emails from my files perhaps?

Anyway, I know that you "Callboxers" don't have Friendster access, so I'll let you in on a little tidbit.

Our friend Tony B. left me a curious comment:
* Tony
* Posted 03/6/2008 12:05 pm
* this guy's so smart, even his boss can't stand him. you know what i mean (lol)... send my regards to my friends at *toot*. keep in touch my friend.
Hey, that's just an assumption Tony, that I've been accepted to TeleTech. While it is an open secret that I have applied to the "Fastest Growing BPO Company" along with dozens of other "Callboxers", I am actually one of the few that have not received a call yet.

But, yes, I shall convey your regards to our friends there across the river.

And as for the remark about being smart,
well, if I was so smart then why am I out of a job? Which brings us to a philosophical quandary: what is more important to succeed in life? Intelligence? Or other, more superficial qualities?


Anyway, there are others who have been visiting my blog. I wouldn't be surprised if someone is now inquiring from Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions about their SendStudio NX installation keys that are definitely less costly than those from Interspire (as detailed in my previous blog post). You can email Ann Dicen or call her using any number on their website.


Edit: The full court press continues. Edited post accordingly.

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