Saturday, March 08, 2008

SendStudio NX Keygen Source

Disclaimer: I am not working for this company anymore. I am not privy to where they host the new keygen, (and I'm damn sure it's not in the internet), but you can contact my old company for information. And, no, I am not working for anyone right now, let alone Eversun.

Interspire's SendStudio NX email marketing software, which costs $279 for a 5 user license, has now been successfully cracked by a team at Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions.

How do I know? I knew how this happened when I was still with that company. I know as well as you do (those readers who have not been reading by accident) that you need to supply Interspire with the domain that you would be using SendStudio NX on. That is because the license key is generated with the domain as one of its parameters, and the SendStudio NX code checks against the domain where it is hosted before it can perform some of its functions, e.g. generate and send emails, reports, etc.

Somewhere in the PHP code of SendStudio NX, I made some random, amateurish changes so that the code would not ask for the license key. Of course, my rudimentary knowledge of programming coupled with some luck made the code output the key it was using to decode the license key and compare if it matches the hosting domain. I told more knowledgeable people about this and they made a key generator out of the output.

The first one did not work so well, and my guess is because we had only one license to work with. Before I resigned from Callbox, because I knew they were going to acquire another license, I suggested in an email that we can generate a better working keygen with another license key on our hands.

By this time, I know that they have been able to do it. Of course, if they are able to install it over some other domains with multiple users then the cost savings could easily pay for the salary they paid me during my time there. *wink, wink*

So there you have it. You can contact them at their website. I'm sure you'll get the same operator no matter which number you call, so better call using VOIP. Look for Ann Dicen. I'm sure you can get a nice discount for your own keys (compared to the Interspire price). Maybe they'll be nice enough to help with installation for a fee.

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