Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Bacolod Trip

This is the first of many long trips to Bacolod City. This is also the predominant reason why I won't be able to post many things at will. There is also a Non-Disclosure Agreement where I am a party to. This time, it's real. (See my old blog post here where I talk about a non-existent NDA)

Circle Inn Hotel in Bacolod - nice accommodations, and the Front Desk ladies never seem to run out of smiles.

Bob's in SM City Bacolod. The reason why I took the shot while on an escalator is that I didn't want to look like a crazed idiot taking pictures of their main facade. Without permission.

They say that you haven't been to Bacolod if you haven't eaten at Bob's. When Joy and I came here last December, she made it a point to come to the Bob's outlet near Riverside Medical Center.

Giant Cheeseburger and French Fries at Bob's. Pure beef. Reminds me of Brothers Burger.

And, for a chuckle, see these pictures of my seatmate on the ferry home. If anybody knows this person, tell her that she's had her fifteen minutes of fame here in my blog.

That ends my photo gallery of my Bacolod trip. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm now officially part of Convergys Bacolod. Here is a picture of my new office's lobby:

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