Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Letters From Callbox

I'm sure that these comments came from my old workplace, Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions (look at both IP addresses below, click the thumbnail above for a screenshot). I will approve both comments, and I leave it to the reader to form his own comments.

From Quotes For The Day:
From DOCTOR CARL DEMETRIA (mailto:carl@jfdkfkkdf.com)

You know why you're doing this????Because YOU ARE A LONELY PERSON! YOU ARE NOT HAPPY. I really2 pity you Carl. Everyone around you is complaining, because you are so different! You're weird! you are stupid! A satisfied person won't do anything like this...this is what you call: BITTERNESS, Stupid! People, ever wonder why Carl is not operating in the OR? or practicing whatever his specialty is? Why he is not in any hospital in the city? Because he is an-ineffective, moronic, ugly, gay!!!!!Such a disgrace. All doctors should be proud of themselves....except Carl of course...Studied 8 years in college, and worked where???? That's a sign of ineffectiveness! You're not a real doctor! you're a farce! a disgrace! an embarrassment! Do you realize that???and guess what? I won't even let you operate my dog. L-U-N-A-T-I-C!!! INSANE!

03.10.08 - 11:09 am
From SendStudio NX Keygen Source:
From anonymous (mailto:noemail@nodomain.com)

Have you got any proof? Have you heard of the word "defamation" before?

03.10.08 - 10:42 am

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