Sunday, March 23, 2008

In My Life Today 17

Haven't had the chance to update my blog.

I could have taken The Talented Mr. Montano route and replied to all the Letters from Callbox and Las Vegas.

Instead, I've gotten myself busy. I can't tell you about what's keeping me busy right now, but hopefully it's better than doing without thinking.

For my friends there at Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, I have no personal problems with you. My only hope is that you transcend the limitations there and grow professionally, instead of being stifled by...

Then again, never mind. You're all adults; try Googling "callbox sales and marketing solutions" and see what comes up.


During the interim, enjoy this video from YMCK. Makes you want to dust off that Family Computer and play those old cartridges.

Get the MP3 version of the song here.


I'll just post some pictures upon my return.

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