Monday, March 03, 2008

Deluge Fails To Dampen Spirits

March 3, 2008

A sudden torrential downpour has failed to diminish a local man's enthusiasm for life.

Dr. Carl Demetria, who just resigned from Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, was soaked wet during the late afternoon rain today.

When interviewed about how he felt, he said that he couldn't be more happier.

"I would have wanted a gentle rain, but since I was going home anyway, I didn't mind a quick shower and a change of clothes."

He noted that it was unusual for such a downpour at this time of year.

"I really think that this should have happened last August, or even October. March being close to the summer months does not have this kind of rain."

He also did not find it ironic that it suddenly rained during his last day at the office. "Is it a sign? Well, I hope that a silver lining is behind all those clouds of gloom."

"I'm still optimistic about how my life is going. I hope that this is just a temporary patch that I am going through."

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