Saturday, February 09, 2008

Waiting To Try Something New

I am trying to download the Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08 DVD. I did not have much luck with the Sun Download Manager. And it was worse when I tried to download it with a free file download accelerator program.

So I am settling for a community-provided torrent. Being a new release, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the torrent would remain active, and many people would seed the file.

I had my old 9/07 version sent to me free from Sun. But it did not have all the new things that came out immediately afterward, and I messed up my install by updating many components through a third-party site. Now when I log-in, sometimes the GNOME Desktop would start, but the icons would be missing after a while.

Why not ask for another one to be sent through mail? If I send it to my office address (like I did the last one), and I change employers, I'm quite sure I wouldn't receive it. (But the changing employers part is not yet final, maybe I still have a month left, maybe three years.)

Also, I won't be able to try out all the new things before they become obsolete.

So I am hoping that more people would be able to seed their SXDE torrents from The Pirate Bay once they are done.

This is just what I need to jumpstart/restart my Java studies, although I may have to finish the CHM ebook first.

Phoronix has some glowing words to say about this new version which has made me more excited for the torrent to finish downloading. I dream of the day when I can chuck my Windows installation out of the window and work exclusively in Solaris (maybe by using Wine for the occasional must-use Windows application).


I have been very tired for the past couple of days. Also because of the stress at work, and the wait for a sign/symbol of deliverance from a foreseen event. But it's nothing like before - that was really a harrowing experience.

One thing I am learning is that employee engagement is vastly more important than any monetary incentive you throw at people. Only the most cash-hungry of employees would swallow any workplace-related discontent and continue to work in a chaotic environment.


The furor over the Generics Bill amendments have died down, hopefully for good. It is shortsighted for some people to ignore the problems of conflict of interest, stringent generics monitoring, and protection for innovation. I am also for cheaper drugs - the patients may be able to afford the consultation fee, but when they ultimately fail to buy their medicine because of cost considerations, they don't get better. And any self-conscious doctor would feel bad at the very least.

In misleading the people by pointing a finger at multinational corporations and doctors that insist on quality-controlled, effectively bioavailable branded drugs, these politicians exploit the inequity in a starved health care system. It would have been better if they alloted a lot of money for health care and prevention before "crying wolf" and putting the blame on unsuspecting people who are only after the welfare of the patient.

Granting that they do pass those restrictive amendments, would it improve the health care in the Philippines? To some extent, yes. But it is not the panacea that the politicians are expecting it to be. As people ignore health and put more emphasis on other things, and elected officials squander our money to pay for election expenses, health care will continue to be a low priority for the majority of Filipinos.

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