Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Notes 12

I just installed the most recent version of Solaris, SXDE 1/08. It was good that I blogged about my install problems before, so I didn't have to recall the fix I made for my Ethernet to work.

You might think that I should have done an update instead of doing a full reinstall. I did try to upgrade my installation, but I couldn't get past the login screen afterwards. Maybe a configuration problem with GNOME; Blastwave uses the vanilla flavor of GNOME and I can imagine that it doesn't really have all the tweaks that the Java Desktop System has.


Joy and I had a pre-Valentine's Day dinner at Mango Tree. It was great - nice food, great atmosphere, and the award-winning mango crepe capped off a wonderful evening. Too bad I had to go to work right afterwards. Damn night shift!

We also found a new place to have a classy dinner, the Vienna Kaffeehaus at Robinsons' Place Iloilo. A little bit expensive, but well worth it. They really do have quality offerings there; one of those nice steaks are enough for lunch and dinner combined.


After six weeks and a lot of complaints, I am being returned to the day shift starting tomorrow. I did not really find the night shift as exciting as Amy would have me believe. My circadian rhythm was messed up big time, I wasn't able to watch all my favorite shows on cable, and I saw all the power players during the night shift that made me think twice about my workplace.

Damage done. Watch out for more.


Well, I think that's it for now. I'll wait until I'm able to finish my xchm and mplayer downloads to retain some functionality on my PC.

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