Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm in the office typing this blog entry on Notepad++, while hearing the methodical chatter of people on the phone.

I shouldn't have been here, but my boss told me to come to work today. Even if it meant that I would be waiting idly for hours on end. It isn't helpful that I am too sleepy to resume my Java studies at full speed. If I did force myself to slog through the text and compile the book examples, my boredom would prevent me from learning anything worthwhile.

Anyway, my birthday went by without any fanfare, just the way I like it. Really.

I was too busy charting the next stages of my career change to care. I'm still preoccupied with this task, and I should not be this bored, but then not everything is in my control.

I remember U.S. Marshall Samuel Girard (Tommy Lee Jones) remarking towards the end of the movie The Fugitive: "I need a rest."

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