Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Koreans In A Jeepney

I don't know if you'll find this funny without any pictures, but I'll try.

I was in the front seat of a jeepney yesterday when two Korean males, with their stereotypical haircuts, long-sleeved polo, shorts and sandals, boarded the jeep.

They then passed a 50 peso bill to pay their 14 peso fare.

Seated beside me was the jeepney driver's friend, who was acting as conductor/fare collector. Deftly moving his arm, he collected the bill and rolled it up. He then placed it over his ear. I noticed that the driver's coin box was near empty; it must have been his first trip for the day.

The Koreans, oblivious to this fact, waited for their change. The first three minutes, they were just nonchalant. Then they slowly noticed that no change was forthcoming, so they fixed their eyes towards the driver and his companion.

Unable to communicate effectively, they just sat there staring at the driver. All of the passengers, myself included, were amused by the unrequited staredown. Most amused, in fact, that we forgot the much-ballyhooed Filipino hospitality.

Someone forgot to tell them (in the most elementary of English) that if the driver has no change, he is not pressured to seek change until you are to disembark (and ask for it) or remind him. I guess they did not pay enough for a roving tutor, huh?

I left the jeepney with the two Meteor Garden rejects still staring at the driver. I would have wanted to stick around, but I couldn't.

Ah, those faces. It just screamed like "Dude, where's my car?!" and "I may not know English well, but I know Taekwando" - it was priceless.

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