Monday, January 28, 2008

In My Life Today 16

Tomorrow I will be older by another year chronologically, and I would like to think that I have aged with experience too.

I am nowhere near the midway mark in shifting to another career. But with the brouhaha over Iloilo Rep. Ferj Biron's version of the Cheaper Medicines Bill, I don't know if there is any future for me as a full-time physician.

Section 33 of H. no. 2844 amends RA 6675 Sec 6 to compel all medical practitioners not to include the brand name of the drugs they are prescribing. With Biron's family business focusing on generic drugs, this guarantees a windfall of profits in Iloilo alone. Case in point is the near-monopoly they have in the Western Visayas Medical Center, where government procurement rules have ensured their products as winning bids. Anecdotal evidence exists... I'll stop there and wait for bioequivalence tests to be done, just to be sure.

Anyway, I have yet to touch the Java book in 2 weeks. The pressure to perform in my position has gotten to me, and things are largely out of control. Actually I have exceeded the month's quota on effort alone, but the recipients were less than 1% of the total. Also, a lot of murmurings are about the more progressive people in the company making a precipitous move. They claim to have had enough of the same old thing.

I'll be waiting in the sidelines for any developments. Rest assured, the horizontal mobility that has been encouraged by the wealth of information will remain to be the survival tactic for years to come.

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