Thursday, December 13, 2007

Waiting For The Bus

I am compelled to write on the second day of the transport strike mostly because of a comment made on GMA's Unang Hirit morning show. In Filipino, the announcer said that the strike "only" paralyzed 50% of Iloilo... and that it did not adversely affect life as in Aklan.


I wish he could have joined dozens of Ilonggos waiting for public transportation yesterday. In a city not used to a lack of jeepneys, it was disconcerting to see grown men scrambling for the few remaining jeepneys - those that were brave enough to defy the political whims of their union leaders.

All because of a rerouting scheme that, in my opinion, fixed a lot of gridlock problems by re-routing some PUVs to lesser-utilized city streets.

I am willing to bet that if a cost-benefit study was done, the longer routes would still cost less for the drivers because of the reduction in downtime due to traffic.

I felt better after changing my position.

You see, I can change my job designation to whatever I can reasonably think of, just as long as it resembles what I actually perform in the company.

I think being called "Project Manager" wasn't the right fit for me. After all, even as I perform all the jobs that a project manager is supposed to do, I am still at the mercy of other people being able to finish their work on time. In short, I do not possess the "mantle of authority" that a PM should have.

So, in order to stop being pretentious, I labeled myself as "Liaison".

Evokes memories of being a liaison officer during medical school: a thankless job, where the only satisfaction is knowing that only you are able to do what you do.

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