Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random Notes 10

Received this from an officemate:
thank you gid Carl for the information wala gid ko may naintindihan that really clarify me!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yes, I am also thankful that I was able to clarify you. Any chance of being an astringent, or maybe a conditioner, in your future?


Received a Friendster comment from Mark showing his new videocard, which I presume cost him (again) a cool bundle:

Okay, rub it in... good for me I'm not running the graphics race anymore. I'm trying to break into the Java programming business so an XFX8800GT is not a priority. A new dual core rig with 2GB RAM under P20,000 is.


Received an email from a friend at work, alluding to my newest this-is-my-opinion email as "mercury rising". Incidentally, I came home this morning to find Bruce Willis on HBO, trying to protect "Simon" from assassination on orders of Alec Baldwin. The movie's name: Mercury Rising.


Currently on heavy rotation in my 6288 and PC: Blood +. When I first saw the ad on Animax when I was still in Manila, I cursed SkyCable Iloilo for not having that channel.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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