Monday, December 17, 2007

The Morning After

I should have posted this 5 hours ago, but my internet connection was not cooperating.

So I went to the company Christmas Party, fashionably on Filipino Time. I found out that 2/3 of the workforce had the same idea.

Most of those who came showed off their sparkling-white clothes, presumably new. I never thought that a party would turn into an impromptu fashion show. Most of them wouldn't give me the time of day, so I just minded my own business in the Marketing table.

The highlight of the evening was our COO's surprisingly serious speech about not being able to know everybody, and hoping that he did.

As for the other stuff, well, some of it were good for a few laughs, but I think the two bottles of Red Horse were mostly to blame for my ebullient behavior.

2/3 of the attendees also had the idea of leaving after the grand prize was raffled off. That's sad.

All in all, a good effort at a party. Too bad most of the people that were there were interested in something else.


I get referrals from the weirdest places.

Web referrals, I mean.

For the past weeks, I saw people trying to view an image I posted for Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Which is weird because the image is freely available at other sites.

I'm just curious why such a random post about a movie gets more attention than my Triage Tales posts, and now my Java code postings... maybe one of the mysteries of the Internet.


I received a pink plastic cup from my Secret Gift-Exchanging Person Vivien. Funny to see a 25-cent coin pasted on the box. "Because our gift was supposed to be worth exactly P50" was the explanation.

As for me, I gave Meryl a pink mushroom plush toy. A cute, safe for work alternative to the unmentionable she asked for. She could ask her boyfriend for the unmentionable instead. At least she was glad that I found a reasonable alternative for exactly P50.


I don't feel like it's already Christmas. Maybe it's because I'm enjoying work too much?

Before, it used to be an exciting time, with Santa coming, chocolates from aunts abroad, and a long vacation spent with my video games.

After being accepted into Med School, it became a period of contemplation - "Am I in the right course? What will happen when I quit now?" - and genuinely enjoying the respite from the mentally and physically exhausting jaunt that is medical education.

When I was working, both times I was able to leave before Christmas. So I really got into the season, thinking about random patients that could have gotten better if the hospital only had a ready supply of X for indigent, emergent cases.

This year, it's different. If I didn't have to attend the company Christmas Party, I wouldn't realize that it's less than 10 days before Christmas. I guess I'm too engrossed, learning Java, trying to meet a near-impossible quota, asking for less technical problems... and enjoying the simple, no-ones-going-to-die-if-you-make-a-mistake stress that it brings.

Don't get me wrong. My Catholic faith, strengthened with the subtle help of Joy's wish for us to go to church on Wednesdays, reminds me always that there is a deeper reason behind the season.

It's just that my take on Christmas this year, at least on the surface, is different.

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