Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iloilo Transport Strike

In all of my 26 years, never have I seen such a well-organized strike of jeepneys in all the places I have lived in. Manila, with its militant groups, would not be crippled by a transport strike, because there are many other options available. It is here, in Iloilo City, that a lack of jeepneys plying their routes would cause a veritable standstill.

It's been a low point for me at work. I'm feeling the pinch of not being able to meet an arbitrary quota, no thanks to the complex variables involved. A lot of officemates suspect that there are rampant cost-cutting measures across the company, and it has colored their perception of the holidays. Many are thinking of resigning their posts because of that. And, more importantly, our network admins have finally blocked all sites with the word blog within their URL.

But things are cyclical, and I only hope that business will pick up in the next weeks. After all, these things only happen once in a blue moon.

I am an old fashioned optimist despite all that has happened in my life. Good thing there's my Java books to keep me company, and getting that Globelines DSL bundle was not such a bad idea.

Still on the subject of jeepneys, it's weird when men (and some women) sit like royalty and spread their legs as much as common sense would allow. And I don't get why they do that, except if they have some wound in the perineum, er, crotch, that would necessitate that sitting position.

Maybe it's a design flaw in the jeepney that should have been corrected a long time ago. In a side collision, passengers on either side could sustain direct hits to their torso, er, upper body, and their pelvis, er... nevermind. Those hits are usually the most damaging. So you're riding a death trap, considering that many jeepney drivers think of themselves as kings of the road.

Why we put up with a glaring flaw, we would never know. It's one of life's mysteries, not unlike the bias placed on foreign talent.

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