Saturday, December 22, 2007

Current DTR Quote

While most of my officemates are content with song snippets, unaddressed pledges of love or revenge, or random shout-outs on their profiles, I actually take time to research on what to place on the "Motto" data field.

One of my role models, Baroness Thatcher, was an advocate of individualism and innovation. There is a repository of her speeches that prove quite valuable when seeking direction in the problems of the day.

As the office is engulfed with the narrowing focus on numerical targets, our policymakers dig trenches and establish territories. They fail to realize that phenomenal growth without tracing where it was sourced would not be sustainable over the long term. But don't look at me to be believable in the eyes of battle-hardened office veterans.

The Baroness spoke in a speech to the Conservative Central Council in 1980 about the need of balance in rewarding personal initiative with the provision of state welfare in maintaining a reasonable standard of living for all. The folly of just rewarding personal initiative is succintly summed up thus:
If we put all the emphasis on rewarding initiative, we may get rich quickly, but at the price of inflicting scars on the innocent and the weak.
Why did I choose this particular passage? Without giving out company secrets, I have been an advocate of a hybrid incentive program that accurately gives an idea of how the company revenues are doing. I think that this added information would make each employee aware that their performance, ultimately, is tied to the overall revenue of the company.

But that's just me.

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