Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Meanderings

In a few hours I will be attending my first Christmas party as a corporate groupie. What was the nickname for that again? Young urban professionals - yuppies?

I sure don't feel like one. I mean, sometimes I'm called for an impromptu consult when Dra. Montebon (our company doctor) is not around. Thank goodness I don't face nothing more serious than a nagging upper respiratory tract infection. Heaven forbid that someone would need ACLS at the office!

We'll be asked to suit up in white. Having dressed up immaculately for 7 years, it would be seen if the sight of people mostly in white uniforms would evoke a warm, fuzzy feeling of belonging. Or it may just bring back memories of all the hard, thankless work I did for those 7 years.

On another front, my best friend Mark had his computer fried by a rootkit. In his account, he said that a malicious program may have been inserted into one of his installs. On the next boot, it sounds like his MBR was scrambled, and he had no choice but to do a low-level hard drive format. More bad news were to come as his "clean" install showed up video errors - that sounded like the video card RAM was hit by something during the rootkit install. Even for an experienced techie like Mark, a rootkit is a nightmare for anybody on Windows. The ideal of the story - move to a more stable system like OpenSolaris (for the adventurous), Ubuntu (for the nouveau crowd), or Fedora 8. But, for convenience reasons, I am writing this post on a Black XP. Go figure.

And, have you watched the extended trailer for Final Fantasy XIII? If the game is that good, I have to fast-track my plans of getting a stable job to pay for a PS3!

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