Sunday, December 30, 2007

(Back from) Vacation 2007

I just came from a whirlwind vacation to Mambucal, and it was time well spent. I only had time to visit the hot springs, or as they call it, dipping pool. (I was actually too lazy and too tired from the commute to accompany Joy as she trekked the whole resort.)


Joy and me, on the ferry boat to Bacolod.


Lunch at Bob's across Dr. Pablo O. Torre Medical Center (or more familiarly known by its old moniker Riverside Medical Center). Great food. But this picture was taken before lunch (just to be clear).


The only picture of me at the Dipping Pool that is presentable for publication. Most of my pictures are of Joy. Enough said.


On the ferry home from Bacolod.


You might wonder why I only presented four pictures. I am not much of a photographer, and my Nokia 6288's 2MP camera always had blurry output that I had to repeat shots. And I would rather keep the other images safe in my PC :)

My advice is to reserve a room in advance, go to the Dipping Pool at 6AM, and have your meals at Enteng's inside the Food Court.

Mambucal Resort numbers are (034) 709 0990, (034) 433 8516, (034) 7100800/801.

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