Saturday, November 03, 2007

Please Change That Song

I now know how my high school classmate Chi feels when a "mainstream" song gets almost hourly airwave coverage.

Of course, I have a higher tolerance level for all things "bakya" but, like all suffering, there is a limit.

Currently on heavy rotation are Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls and Akon's Don't Matter (Nobody Wanna See Us).

What do I think of those songs? They are mutated spawn from people who had too much hashish while listening to Bob Marley. That's my opinion, and it evolved as I was forced to hear it for the hundredth time while on the way home.

I hope that other people would broaden their musical tastes to other genres, preferably more soothing, relaxing tunes that are suited to a tropical paradise like the Philippines rather than trying to fit into a Jimmy Kimmel Live-listening ghetto theme.

I wish I could telemarket to Jimmy Kimmel until his ears bleed. Or force him to listen to Beautiful Girls and Don't Matter, or, heaven forbid, 2000's song of the millennium - Linkin Park's In The End.

Tip: It probably is a mainstream song when you hear a trisikad passing by, blaring out the refrain of said song, using a busted speaker and a car battery.

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